Code of Practice/Conduct for Customers Policy.

Jane and Zlatan swim school (JaZ) is committed to providing an efficient and a high standard of swimming lessons. This policy explains what JaZ Swim School expects from our customers.

Code of Conduct

This policy will mention:

  1. – Lesson Structure/Schedule
  2. – Behaviour in lessons
  3. – Swimming kit.
  4. – Behaviour & Poolside Etiquette
  5. – Smoking, Vaping, and pets
  6. – Contact Details

1 – Lesson Structure/Schedule

JaZ Swim School’s lessons run during the school term time, we have three different terms for our lessons, Spring, Summer, and Autum term.

Our lessons are for 30 minutes for non-swimmers to intermediate and 45 minutes for the adults and 1 hour for squad lessons. Lessons should start promptly at the allotted time, and swimmers are expected to be ready on the poolside prior to their lesson start time.

If a swimmer is late, then they are expected to join in with the group, they will use this as their warmup. The teacher may choose to ask the swimmer to complete a separate warm up depending on the activity currently happening, for example the group is swimming breaststroke.

(Example of 30 minute lesson)

Start: 4:30- Swimmers in the lesson and warm up starts

Middle 4:35- 4:55 main set, this is where you will practice drills based upon the criteria you are working on, e.g. front crawl broken down.

End: 4:55-5:00- Fun time/Games, this can be used to practice Jumps, sinkers or can be used as a recap for the lesson, if the swimmers need more practice or have not behaved well during the lesson.

2 – Behaviour

Here at JaZ we want to make sure that every swimmer enjoys their lessons and has fun however we will not compromise the safety of the swimmers and teachers. If a swimmer is found to be continuously disruptive then we will have to investigate and see what the best course of action would be. This can include: if two swimmers are causing disruption to separate them (if there is space) to see if this helps, or to take them out of their swimming lessons if the safety of the group is compromised.

In many cases we will work with the families to establish a method that may work for the swimmer, however JaZ swim school will not tolerate certain things which will ultimately result in a swimmer’s place being discontinued, and they will no longer be permitted to swim with JaZ.

These reasons include but not limited to:

  1. Violence. Towards customers, swimmers, and teachers
  2. Bullying. Towards customers, swimmers, and teachers
  3. Racist comments. Towards customers, swimmers, and teachers
  4. Damaging of property
  5. Use of obscene language

Our teachers take behaviour in classes very seriously and will ensure the discipline is kept up during the lessons. Our teachers will use a warning system, this will include.

    1. First warning. The teacher will explain, what the swimmer has done wrong and what they expect. For example, ‘please stand nicely at the wall, because I need to see you are ok when I am with another swimmer’.
    2. Second warning The teacher will ask the child to sit on the side and explain the reasonings. ‘This is now your second warning so I am asking you to sit on the side while I complete this drill as you have not listened to your first warning, if I have to give one more warning I will have to ask you to leave the lesson.
    3. Third warning The teacher will call the parent or guardian over and ask that the child is removed from the lesson due to behavioural issues and that they must contact the office for an explanation. The teacher will not be able to explain in detail the reason as they will need to keep focus on their group.

This warning system will be used but if the behaviour is deemed to be far too dangerous and impacts on the safety of the lesson then the teacher has every right to forego the first two warnings and remove the swimmer immediately.

3 – Poolside Etiquette

JaZ has a wide age group of swimmers starting from 3 years plus it is important that the behaviour around the poolside and schools’ grounds is acceptable and respectful.

Swimmers must wait on the poolside for their lessons and not approach the teachers until their previous group has exited the water. Swimmers must be swimming ready waiting patiently on the side.

Parents must remain present on poolside during the swimming lessons, this is due to safety and if they are needed by the teacher.

Our teachers main concern is the current group swimming ensuring they are being safe, learning and having fun. Occasionally we understand that you would like to speak to the teacher after the lesson, however this is often tricky with the lesson turn around, if you wish to speak to the teacher please email the office and they will be able to facilitate this.

It is important to note that:

  1. Eating on poolside is not allowed.
  2. Siblings must wait nicely on the side with the parents.
  3. Shoes should not be worn on poolside.
  4. Parent must remain on poolside for the duration of the lesson.

Each venue has separate changing areas for both male and female swimmers, children over the age of 7 are not permitted to use opposite gender changing rooms, this especially includes parents. If an alternative changing arrangement is required due to gender identity or religious reasons please contact the office and we will work with you to provide a solution.

4 – Swimming Kit

We ask that you ensure your child is appropriately dressed for their swimming lessons.

This includes:

  1. No Bikinis or fashion swimsuits
  2. Swim shorts to fit or have a tie to keep them secure.
  3. No loose clothing to be worn over swimming costumes.
  4. Hats are required.
  5. Goggles are highly encouraged especially for beginners.

If you require a certain swimming costume, due to religious reasons or other factors please make the office aware and the office can inform the teacher of this so the swimmer will not be challenged. This alternative must be appropriate and safe for swimming.

5 – Smoking, Vaping and Pets

All our venues are strictly no smoking zones, it is important to know that you cannot smoke or vape within school grounds.

All our venues do not allow pets on school grounds, we ask that you respect this and do not bring your pet into the school grounds.

6 – Contact details.

Policy creation date: 11/10/2023

Policy review date: 11/10/2024.